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Products and Services

Whatever is wrong, we are here to help!!

With our extensive automotive service experience, and  list of distributors and industry leading manufacturers Fixit Tim’s is always prepared to serve you.


Automotive Repair

When you start to hear that weird noise, when you turn the key and it’s slow to get that motor running, when something isn’t working like it should, we want to get it right for you. We run diagnostic tools and use lots of training and experience to diagnose what the problem is and get it solved for you!


Automotive Maintenence

Cars lose power and performance as they age without proper maintenance. Keep those brakes stopping you safely, change out spark plugs to keep performance at its top, replace those worn suspension components…all to keep that car running at its best.


Automotive Modification

Audio upgrades, specialty lighting, lifted trucks, accessories, and more! We can help with all of it, and make that vehicle just the way you’ve always wanted it!


Fixit Tim’s Automotive, Providing Top Quality Products and Services at Affordable Prices!

Getting your vehicle back on the road safely is our number one priority, but we want to do that without tanking your budget!!  Our work is always to the best standards, and we will try hard to find ways to save you money while fixing your vehicle properly.