Revolutionizing the automotive industry by putting you as our priority.

Contrary to our name, FixIt Tim is not here to simply offer a fix for all your automotive issues. We are constantly working to do our part in revolutionizing the entire automotive industry. And we are taking a range of actions to make it possible. From small steps to big leaps, we are hell-bent in creating a positive impact from our modest automotive shop here in Kingsville, MO.

This mission has its roots from one man, his old Pickup Truck, and a passion for improving your experience with your trusted mechanic.

Our founder Tim started learning how to work under the hood because weekly trips to the mechanic were too costly for a 16 year-old. With a newly discovered talent for understanding machinery and fixing motors, he invested in growing and driving his life towards a career in the automotive industry.

Fast forward to today, FixIt Tim boasts the title of ASE certified mechanic, working to improve your experience when taking your vehicle for diagnosis and repair. Plus we are offering a range of products to help make your trip to the mechanic even more convenient.

Our locally owned business offers the best products and services on the market, all for some of the best prices around.

The real deal is our way of handling automotive issues. Thorough diagnosis of the problem is done before any recommendation is offered.

From engine repair, steering and suspension repair, to servicing your trailer, our goal is to make you want to come back to us. Not because you are consistently dealing with recurring automotive issues, but simply because you have enjoyed the entire experience.


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It is the Mission of Fixit Tim’s Automotive to provide our customers with extraordinary service and top-quality products at the most affordable prices.




To be the ultimate one stop shop for all things automotive



Timothy Kerns



Automotive Certifications

A1 Engine Repair

A4 Steering and Suspension

A5 Brakes

A6 Electrical/Electronic  Systems

A7 Heating & Air Conditioning

A8 Engine Performance

MACS 609 Mobile HVAC

Missouri State Inspector Permit