Our Services



Keep your safety in mind. Don’t ignore that squeak or grind, get your brakes checked out by a certified professional today!


Steering and Suspension

Don’t hurt your back riding around in a rough vehicle. We can get your car driving smoothly so that you stay comfortable even on long drives.


Make Comfort your Priority!

No matter how well your vehicle runs, a worn out suspension can make it feel old and bumpy.  Let us get your suspension in tip-top shape so it rides like a new car, no matter what year it was made.


Does it sound like your stepping on a cat when you put the brakes on?  Or maybe fingernails on a chalkboard?  We can install new brake pads and rotors and get your car stopping quietly and safely.

Brake Hydraulics

Does your brake pedal feel like you’re stepping on rotten fruit?  From your foot to the wheels, we can get the brake system working right.

Shocks and Struts

Does your vehicle ride like basketball over a cobble stone road? If it does, it may be time for new shock and struts.


Steering Components 

Does driving down the road feel like your trying to do the hokey pokey with your steering wheel? If so, bring it in so we can check it out!


Power Steering

Does your vehicle protest a little to much when trying to turn? From power steering pumps to racks we’ve got you covered. 


Bushings and Bearings

is your vehicle squeaking or popping on bouncy roads? You may need a new bushing. Or maybe it’s growling at you like an angry dog as you drive along? If so, you may need a new wheel bearing.