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Make Comfort your Priority!

No matter how well your vehicle runs, a worn out suspension can make it feel old and bumpy.  Let us get your suspension in tip-top shape so it rides like a new car, no matter what year it was made.


Does it sound like your stepping on a cat when you put the brakes on?  Or maybe fingernails on a chalkboard?  We can install new brake pads and rotors and get your car stopping quietly and safely.


Brake Hydraulics

Does your brake pedal feel as squishy as rotting fruit? From the petal to the wheels, we specialize in revitalizing brake systems. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to impeccable braking.


Shocks and Struts

Is your vehicle bouncing around like a basketball? It might be time for a change. Count on us to swap out tired shocks and struts, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride. Experience the difference today.

Steering Components 

Is your steering wheel making you feel like you’re doing the hokey pokey while driving? Don’t dance with discomfort – bring your vehicle in for a checkup! We’ll get to the root of the problem and set you on a smooth course.”


Power Steering

Is your vehicle putting up a fight when you turn the wheel? From power steering pumps to steering racks, we’re here to tackle it all.  Let us be your trusted partner in ensuring a smooth and effortless driving experience.


Bushings and Bearings

Is Your Vehicle Talking Back on Bumpy Roads? Time for a Check! It might be time for a new bushing. Or perhaps it’s growling like an irate dog as you drive? You might need a new wheel bearing. Let us fix that growl and get your ride back on track.”